August, 2013

My husband and I joined a group for the purpose of several projects. The guys mainly did a huge building project at a Men’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center (New Life and Peace Ministries). We ladies did provided a number of services–Vacation Bible School (VBS) for school children, painting the school gym, VBS at a local church for community children, taking portraits of the school children and community. They had never had photo portraits done. I assisted photographer, Stephanie Goddard, who brought along a portable printer. We printed the portraits on the spot. We all fitted the community and school children for eyeglasses. We brought 2000 pair of eyeglasses along. We also did craft projects with the men at the rehab center. There were also a couple of artists along and we did a mural on a children’s Sunday School room. After an accidental discovery of a long buried skill of calligraphy, noted when I lettered rocks for the school teachers, I ended up lettering the entrance to the building with the facility name. It was a daunting project, to be sure. But with what I believe to be the Lord’s “hand” in guiding mine, it turned out very nice. See?–When you pray thorough anything God puts in your path, He grants success. I give him all the glory for the sign. Here goes. EnJoy!! I’ll be adding more pictures, too.

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